19 thoughts on “DIIMSA STEM-Tech Word Challenge

  1. # DIIMSADIBOS01# DIIMSADIBOS01 This picture is ALTITUDE because it is gaining height as it goes higher and it is also VELOCITY because it is going at a certain speed in one direction.

  2. The PROBABILITY of the cart moving to let people go to one place to another depends on the machine and wires to help it move.

  3. I will DEBATE about the PROBABILITY of the man in the picture on the left dropping his phone.

  4. The PROBABILITY of it breaking and the ALTITUDE dropping to 0 as the VELOCITY increases greatly, is very low because of the CRITICAL THINKING of the engineers.

  5. As it grows faster which is VELOCITY, it will increases the PROBABILITY of the motor or wire break as the ALTITUDE grows.

  6. The engineers probably DEBATED how to build the cable car. Their CRITICAL THINKING keeps the PROBABILITY of injury low at such high ALTITUDES.

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