18 thoughts on “DIIMSA STEM-Tech Word Challenge

  1. The crane uses a TILT SENSOR to know when the crane is closed or open far enough

  2. #DIIMSADIBOS0# DIIMSA WORD CHALLENGE This a SYSTEM that uses in amusement parks that has a DESIGN to where people can have fun.

  3. #DIIMSADIBOS01 the TILT SENSOR is sensing how much it should tilt depending on the tilt it is supposed to stay at.

  4. The SYSTEM that controls its movement was DESIGNED to use information from TILT SENSORS to adjust the speed and angle for the changing SURFACE FRICTION.

  5. There is SURFACE FRICTION between the spinning part on top of the ride and the base of the ride

  6. The DESIGN of the theme park attraction was made in such a way that it is able to turn different parts without letting the internal object fall out.

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