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As an integral part of DIIMSA Stock, DIIMSA-EXPERT is VisualRealization.com’s unique content resource is designed to assist DIIMSA participants as they implement activities, methods, strategies and projects. Digital imagery collections are real, relevant, authentic and integrated with open-ended questions, concepts and academic vocabulary in a way to create higher order thinking.  All DIIMSA-EXPERT content was captured by DIIMSA Researchers as part of the ongoing research to make STEM real and relevant.  Select DIIMSA content is available for corporate, industrial and institution use on DIIMSA Stock and Getty Images (Images and 4K Video Clips.)


Erosion. (Location: Valley of Fire State Park.)

Teachers use DIIMSA-EXPERT in the following ways:

Classroom Entry (Brain Warmer). Used as a 5-minute brain warmer to motivate and engage students for unique experiences and perspectives to be extended to the entire class through interactive debate and discussion as a way to create experiences for all.

Classroom Exit (Exit Ticket). Used during classroom exit as a way to “close” the instructional lesson.

Class Experience during Instruction. Used to stimulate student thinking for reinforcing concepts and academic vocabulary across varying content during instructional lessons and projects.

Re-Teaching and Reviewing. Used as a question prompter as students ask new questions and record their observations in a journal for extended research.

Tutorials and Assessment. Used during tutorials to prepare for critical assessment periods.

Field Excursion Planning and Preparation. Used to illustrate concepts and associated vocabulary that will be investigated in the field for a deeper understanding of planned field excursion experiences.


Oxbow Lake. (Location: Grand Teton National Park.)

Standards, Ownership, Intellectual Property and Data Integrity

DIIMSA-EXPERT content collections are aligned to National and State standards for grades 5, 6-8 and 9-12 across life, physical and earth sciences.  The VR Program owns all images, video clips and content on DIIMSA Stock. DIIMSA® is a registered trademark with the United States Patent Office (Source: USPTO)

DIIMSA-EXPERT content adheres to the following criteria:

Reliability and Quality. Reliable rights managed, secure, virus free digital imagery (certified by site terms); high quality imagery suitable for viewing by K-12 users; and content reviewed and approved by mastery and research experts in the related field.

Copyrighted, Releases and Reputable Sources. Content created and copyrighted by researchers and content experts with contacts readily available for support and follow-up questions; and model and property releases on file for all applicable content.

Real and Meaningful Works. All digital imagery is substantive and linked to meaningful statements, concepts, questions and/or vocabulary (not empty); Realness to content (not Photoshop edited to make it look nice or masked to confuse or entice); and all links are active.

Data Integrity. Users have the ability to: (1) Search on key words and download content; and (2) View (read-only) and not add/change information regarding imagery.

Support. Site contains ways to: (1) Contact researchers to validate realness of content; (2) Communicate via phone, email, text message; and (3) Profile content to alert users of key areas of interest.

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