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Getting Started – DIIMSA Guidesets

Facilitators, teachers and administrators recommend the DIIMSA Guidesets as a way to get started using the  DIIMSA instructional framework.

DIIMSA Pics-Fair is a topic- or concept-to-picture Instructional Assignment that provides a way for students to “let the camera drive the content” as they explore and research science in their own communities.  Learn More: DIIMSA Pics-Fair (Getting Started)

DIIMSA VBOARD is a vocabulary-enhancement activity that provides a way for students to connect words (content, concepts, academic, SAT) to a scene (picture or video) based on their own context of understanding. Learn More: DIIMSA VBOARD (Getting Started)

DIIMSA Extreme Vocabulary is a checking for understanding strategy that allows learners to show what they truly know about key concepts, words (content, concepts, academic, SAT) and associated content, while making it engaging to boost long-term understanding.  Learn More: DIIMSA Extreme Vocabulary (Advancing)

Guidesets are full color and categorized by grade-level and topic: DIIMSA online store.


DIIMSA images, products and video clips are available for educational organizations and institutions: DIIMSA Stock.

DIIMSA SeenView, Integrating Social Media and STEM

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DIIMSA SeenView uses social media to integrate vocabulary and concepts for STEM by grouping various DIIMSA instructional framework documents–DIIMSA Pics-Fair (DIIMSAPICSFAIR) and DIIMSA Vocabulary Connection Board (DIIMSAVBOARD)–into a cohesive framework for classroom integration for vocabulary and concept enhancement. DIIMSA SeenView focuses on the following social media sites: Twitter, Instagram and Flickr. The popular DIIMSA SeenView Word Challenge on Twitter is based on DIIMSAVBOARD. DIIMSA Twitter Account

Learn More: DIIMSA Word Challenge on Twitter

High School (9-12) – Weekly Word Summary: PDF Format  Excel Format

DIIMSA Professional Development Pathway

Nothing does more to maximize learning science than a “hands-on”, visually rich technology integrated instructional solution that uses technology as a tool for exploration, communication and discovery. DIIMSA sessions allow teachers to develop strategies to increase students’ oral/written communication, research and problem-solving skills using technology as an enabler. These sessions provide progression into additional professional development opportunities as a continuum of events, while increasing teacher enhancement skills.

Professional Development(PD): DIIMSA professional development pathway summary and pricing


Pendulum. (DIIMSA Laboratory)

DIIMSA Pics-Fair (Program Level) Challenge

DIIMSA Pics-Fair (Program Level) challenge is a contest that focuses on how digital imagery is used during DIIMSA experiences. This contest provides participants a way to submit their work as “the camera drives the science.”  DIIMSA Pics-Fair Submission Guidelines