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DIIMSA Experienced-Based Digital Imagery Content Resource (DIIMSA-EXPERT)

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As an integral part of DIIMSA Stock, DIIMSA-EXPERT is a unique content resource designed to assist teachers and facilitators during instruction. Content collections are real, relevant and integrated with open-ended questions, crosscutting concepts and academic vocabulary.  DIIMSA activities, methods and strategies are easily accessible in a knowledge base area.  DIIMSA-EXPERT aids teachers and facilitators in their far-reaching quest to “Check for Understanding” and “Create Experiences” for learners. DIIMSA-EXPERT content collections are aligned to National and State standards for grades 5, 6-8 and 9-12 across life, physical and earth sciences.

Teachers/Facilitators  use DIIMSA-EXPERT in the following ways:

Classroom Entry (Brain Warmer). Used as a 5-minute brain warmer to motivate and engage students for unique experiences and perspectives to be extended to the entire class through interactive debate and discussion as a way to create experiences for all.

Classroom Exit (Exit Ticket). Used during classroom exit as a way to “close” the instructional lesson.

Class Experience during Instruction. Used to stimulate student thinking for reinforcing concepts and academic vocabulary across varying content during instructional lessons and projects.

Re-Teaching and Reviewing. Used as a question prompter as students ask new questions and record their observations in a journal for extended research.

Tutorials and Assessment. Used during tutorials to prepare for critical assessment periods.

Field Excursion Planning and Preparation. Used to illustrate concepts and associated vocabulary that will be investigated in the field for a deeper understanding of planned field excursion experiences.

DIIMSA Online Store

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Our online store provides an opportunity for all educators and facilitators to get started using the DIIMSA instructional framework.

DIIMSA Pics-Fair is a topic- or concept-to-picture Instructional Assignment that provides a way for students to “let the camera drive the content” as they explore and research science in their own communities. Learn More: DIIMSA Pics-Fair (Getting Started)

DIIMSA VBOARD is a vocabulary-enhancement activity that provides a way for students to connect words (content, concepts, academic, SAT) to a scene (picture or video) based on their own context of understanding. Learn More: DIIMSA VBOARD (Getting Started)

DIIMSA Extreme Vocabulary is a checking for understanding strategy that allows learners to show what they truly know about key concepts, words (content, concepts, academic, SAT) and associated content, while making it engaging to boost long-term understanding.  Learn More: DIIMSA Extreme Vocabulary (Advancing)

Guidesets are full color and categorized by grade-level and topic: DIIMSA online store.

DIIMSA Professional Development and Training


Founded in 2000, the Visual Realization (VR) Program is a practice-based professional development program that is recognized by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to effectively produce superior student learning. NSTA included the impact of 15 standards-based success stories to achieve the visions for the reform of teaching, assessment, professional development, and content in the NSTA Exemplary Science Symposium programs monographs. The VR Program was selected to be amongst the 15 success stories in the nation for improving science education. (Source: NSTA, Exemplary Science, Standards-Based Success Stories)

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