Hurricane Harvey Impacts and Aftermath

DIIMSA Stock is a unique stock imagery site that has the most diverse set of high-resolution imagery available in one rights-managed source on the Internet across corporate, industrial and academic spaces. DIIMSA stock remains an industry leader for stakeholders who want to make an impact and stay within budget.  All images and video clips have a connection to the “why” behind the scenes and are natural and authentic.

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Since 2000, DIIMSA researchers have been involved in best practices in linking STEM to the Real World using authentic visual scenes.  Lead STEM Researcher Karl Spencer oversees DIIMSA content creation and maintains company and program standards. Karl believes that every customer and subscriber deserves the best content, which is why DIIMSA Stock is the most unique one-source stock site on the Internet. Karl is also a stock contributor for Getty Images.

THE COLLECTION. 500,000+ high-resolution digital imagery and video files.

STOCK.  The collection contains scenes that are both timely and timeless. Subjects include extensive natural disasters, educational STEM topics, landscapes, wildlife, business, historic world events, landscapes, environmental areas, glaciers, nature cultures, people, pets, cities, travel, outdoor recreation, plants and wild flowers, architecture, fences, transportation, construction, inspiration, lakes, water, freshwater, saltwater, beaches, highways, signs, food, weather, scuba, sunsets, sports, leisure, homes, energy, medical, STEM—and much more.

SPECIALTIES.  Wildlife, hurricanes, environmental impacts on urban areas, watersheds, infrastructure, architecture, cityscapes, plants, creative and dramatic landscapes, deserts, marshes, ponds, lakes.  Includes both ground and aerial scenes.

GEOGRAPHIC AREAS. North America (United States, Canada and Mexico.) Coverage includes scenic, cities, landmarks, lifestyle capturing people in their culture, monuments, national park marvels, environmental problems, natural disasters.

CREDITS. (Magazines, Newspapers, Book Publishers, Publications, Research Studies, Memberships, Websites) AAHA, Adweek, Aldine ISD, American Water Resources Association, Architect Magazine, Argus Leader, ASCE-Texas, Autodesk, Biz Journals, Black In America News, CheetSheet, Clio Biologi, CNBC, CNES, CNN, CrossFit, Des Moines Register, Diabetes Forecast, Earth and Space Science News, Elsevier, Engineering, Ensia, Environmental Health Perspectives, FNTalk, GloFAS, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, Green America, Gulf Research Program, HealthTech Magazine, Heitman, Houstonia, HR Daily Advisor, Huffington Post, IBM, iHeartRADIO, Insurance Day, Jewish Federations, John Hopkins University, Lawn and Landscape, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Louisiana Restaurant Association, MIT, National Academies of Sciences, National Geographic, New America, NYU, Publishing Perspectives, Reader’s Digest, RFF, Rutgers, Science Discoveries, ScienceNews, Scientific American, SCRS, Sierra Club, Silicon Hills News, Smithsonian, StateTech, Steamboat Pilot, Technology Publishing company, TechRepublic, Texas A&M, The Healthy Living Magazine, The Telegraph, The Weather Channel, Tripsavvy, University of Houston, USA Today, Vacation Idea Travel and Lifestyle.

DIIMSA Stock Content adheres to the following criteria:

Corporate Buildings – City Scapes

Reliability and Quality. Reliable rights managed, secure, virus free digital imagery (certified by site terms); high quality imagery suitable for viewing by general public; and content reviewed and approved by DIIMSA mastery and research experts.

Copyrighted, Releases and Reputable Sources. Content created and copyrighted by reputable photojournalists, researchers and content experts with contacts readily available for support and follow-up questions; and model and property releases on file for all applicable content.

Real and Meaningful Works. All DIIMSA digital imagery is substantive and meaningful to make a unique statement; and Realness to content.

Data Integrity. Users have the ability to: (1) Search on key words, download, purchase products; and (2) View (read-only) information regarding imagery.

Support. Sites contains ways to: (1) Contact researchers to validate realness of content; (2) Communicate via phone, email; and (3) Campaigns sent to alert users of key content.

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